Who is the New Mexico Virtual Jeep Club (NMVJC)? Slideshow

Who we are

The New Mexico Virtual Jeep Club came about during the summer of 2002. After several months of exchanging ideas and tips with other Jeepers around the area, a couple astute members realized they weren't the only ones in the Albuquerque area.

Our member list blew up in a few short days, from the original 2 or 3 names, until the day of our first 'real' run, when it included about 12 individuals and families with the common foresight and good taste to own a Jeep vehicle. As of January 2003, the mailing list is over 50 names and still growing.

What we do?

We Jeep, therefore we are.

Why we do it?

It's Virtual Jeep Thing, your computer wouldn't understand.

When do we do it?

Whenever there's enough interest from members to get together and see the more scenic side of New Mexico, we start asking other members. The trips aren't carved in stone months ahead of time like some other clubs.

Whatcha gotta have.

  • A Jeep. Any year, make, or model, but ya gotta have a Jeep. Like the ad says "Only in a Jeep"
  • A driver. Having a license is even better.
  • A computer helps, since it's our link to the others. All our meetings are held online through this webpage and at group meetings at the end of the trail.
  • The name says New Mexico. So being a resident helps, but exceptions may be made for visitors and others who enjoy the Land of Enchantment.
  • Regular maintenance on the Jeep will help keep you going on the trail. It's always easier to change parts in the garage than on the trail.

Whatcha don't need!!

  • Attitude.
  • Alcohol. A cold one at the end of the trail is fine, but not while we're driving.
  • A $50,000 super truck. First of all, you're already in a Jeep, and secondly, see the first "whatcha don't need"
  • Superior driving skills. If it's your first drive off-road in a stock Jeep, we'll help you.

How to Join.

All there is to joining the NMVJC is to register on the webpage and join us! No dues, no fees, no required meetings. Just plain fun!